How to handle dynamic elements in selenium interview questions? (2024)

What is the best way to handle dynamic WebElement in Selenium?

One of the most common ways to handle dynamic web elements or pop-ups with Selenium is to use implicit and explicit waits. These are methods that tell Selenium to wait for a certain amount of time or a certain condition before performing an action on a web element.

Which type of XPath used to handle dynamic objects elements?

Using dynamic xpath

Dynamic xpath uses expressions, functions, and operators to find elements based on their properties, values, or text. For example, you can use the contains, starts-with, ends-with, or text functions to find elements that match a partial or exact string.

How to find dynamic element using XPath?

XPath starts-with() is a function used for finding the web element whose attribute value gets changed on refresh or by other dynamic operations on the webpage. In this method, the starting text of the attribute is matched to find the element whose attribute value changes dynamically.

How to select dynamic dropdown in Selenium?

You can handle Dropdown in Selenium by storing all the options in the form of a List and then iterate through it as seen in the example below: Example: Step 1 Launch BStackDemo website and click on the Order By drop down to make all the options visible. Step 2: Store all the options as WebElements in a List.

How do you handle if XPath is changing dynamically?

How to Write and Handle Dynamic XPath In Selenium [with Tactics]
  1. #01 Using Single Slash.
  2. #02 Using Double Slash.
  3. #03 Utilizing a Single Attribute.
  4. #04 Using Multiple Attributes.
  5. #05 Using AND.
  6. #06 Using OR.
  7. #07 Using contains()
  8. #08 use of text ()
Apr 16, 2022

How to close dynamic popup in Selenium?

We can close the pop up window with Selenium. The getWindowHandles and getWindowHandle methods are used for the pop up window. To store all the window handles opened in a Set data structure, the getWindowHandles method is used. To store the window handle of the pop up in focus, the getWindowHandle method is used.

How to get XPath if id is dynamic?

  1. Make use of “contains()” method in XPath if you know the partial constant visible text or attribute.
  2. Make use of “starts-with()” method in XPath if you know the initial partial constant visible text or attribute.
  3. You can also use contains() and starts-with() method with absolute text or attribute.
Jun 27, 2023

How to resolve sync issues in selenium?

Selenium - Synchronization
  1. WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); driver. get("Enter an URL"S); WebElement DynamicElement = (new WebDriverWait(driver, 10)). until(ExpectedConditions. ...
  2. WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); driver. manage(). timeouts(). ...
  3. Wait wait = new FluentWait(driver). withTimeout(60, SECONDS).

What is dynamic XPath also known as?

Dynamic XPath is also called as custom XPath and it is one way to locate element uniquely. Dynamic XPath is used to locate exact attribute or decrease the number of matching nodes/result from a webpage and following XPath expressions can be used for the same: Contains. Sibling. Ancestor.

How to identify dynamic elements using selenium?

Ways to Handle Dynamic Elements in Selenium
  1. Absolute Path Method. This strategy involves using the absolute XPath, starting from the root of the HTML structure, to locate the dynamic element. ...
  2. Relative XPath Contains or Starts With A Text. ...
  3. Identify by Index. ...
  4. Use Multiple Attributes.

How to handle authentication popup in selenium WebDriver?

Handling Login Popups in Selenium WebDriver and Java
  1. Passing credentials in the URL.
  2. Using AutoIt tool.
  3. Using ChromeDevTools Protocols API (introduced in Selenium 4)
Feb 8, 2023

What is dynamic XPath syntax?

XPath provides an option to dynamically search for an element within a web page, thus giving sufficient flexibility to tweak a locator to one's advantage. Xpath Syntax : Syntax = //tagname[@attribute='Value'] // : Select current node. Tagname: Tagname of the particular node.

How to write code for dynamic dropdown in Selenium?

List<WebElement> allOptions = singleSelectDropdownList (). getOptions (); We will be seeing the implementation of this method in the later section of this blog on how to handle dynamic dropdowns in Selenium WebDriver Java, so for now, just take this as a simple syntax how the getOptions() method will be declared.

How do you handle dynamic dropdowns in Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium WebDriver- Handling drop-downs
  1. selectByIndex - It is used to select an option based on its index, beginning with 0. dropdown.selectByIndex(5); ...
  2. selectByValue - It is used to select an option based on its 'value' attribute. ...
  3. selectByVisibleText - It is used to select an option based on the text over the option.

What is the difference between static and dynamic dropdown?

Typically, you'll want to use the Static Dropdown for cases where the number of choices is limited, and doesn't change much over time, and the Dynamic Dropdown for cases where you have a long list of choices and/or those choices can change over time.

How to find XPath if id is changing?

  1. Go to the website and copy xpath ... ...
  2. so if you put something like this in your xpath search, you should get the same result as with dynamic one //*[@id="app_content"]/div/div/form/div[1]/div/div/div/div/input or this one if there is more divs //*[@id="app_content"]/div/div/form/div[1]/div/div/div[number]/div/input.
Sep 1, 2019

What is the difference between alert and popup in Selenium?

Ans: An Alert is basically used to display a warning message. In comparison, a popup is a window that comes up on the screen.

How to handle child popup in Selenium?

How do we handle child windows in Selenium?
  1. String mainwindow = driver. getWindowHandle(): It stores parent window value in a unique identifier of string type.
  2. Set<String> s = driver. getWindowHandles(): All child windows are stored in a set of strings.
  3. Iterator<String> i = s. ...
  4. if (! ...
  5. driver. ...
  6. WebElement text = driver.
Nov 10, 2021

How to handle multiple alerts in Selenium?

How to handle Alert in Selenium WebDriver
  1. void dismiss() // To click on the 'Cancel' button of the alert. driver. ...
  2. void accept()// To click on the 'OK' button of the alert. driver. ...
  3. String getText() // To capture the alert message. driver. ...
  4. void sendKeys(String stringToSend) // To send some data to alert box.
Jun 17, 2023

Which is faster XPath or id?

Technically speaking, By.ID() is the faster technique because at its root, the call goes down to document. getElementById(), which is optimized by most browsers. But, finding elements using XPath is better for locating elements having complex selectors, and is no doubt the most flexible selection strategy.

Why id is better than XPath?

XPath is incredibly slow because every layer of your path is basically a loop over all children within the current scope. id and css selector leverage the fact that browsers are already really good at using those identifiers since they must be evaluated while rendering the page.

How to assign dynamic ID to div?

I need to assign the dynamic id of the div, here is my code;
  1. $('#btClickMe').click(function () {
  2. var dynamic_div = $(document.createElement('div1')).css({ ...
  3. top: 110,// $('#ctl00_BodyContent_divResize'). ...
  4. });
  5. = 'sudhirbharti';
  6. $(dynamic_div). ...
  7. $(dynamic_div). ...
  8. $(dynamic_div).

How to refresh a file in Selenium?

Refresh a Webpage in Selenium
  1. Using driver.navigate() command. Selenium Webdriver provides inherent support for refreshing a webpage using its driver. ...
  2. driver.navigate().refresh(); ...
  3. driver.get(driver.getCurrentUrl()); ...
  4. driver.navigate().to(driver.getCurrentUrl()); ...
  5. driver.findElement(By textboxLocator).sendKeys(Keys.F5);
Jun 13, 2023

How to overcome TimeOut exception in Selenium?

TimeOut Exception in Selenium mainly occurs when a given condition is not met in the specified time. So one way to handle timeout exceptions is to adjust the wait time according to the application behavior so that the webpage is loaded completely and all web elements are visible.

How to refresh on Selenium?

How to Refresh Page using Selenium C#?
  1. Using the Navigate(). Refresh() command.
  2. Using the Navigate(). GoToUrl() using the current page URL.
  3. Simulating the keypress for the F5 key.
Jan 6, 2023

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