How to say happy birthday in portuguese? (2024)

How to say happy birthday in portuguese?

In general, the most common way to say Happy birthday in Portuguese is to use the word: Parabéns [puh-ruh-beh-ins]

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What does parabens mean in Brazil?

If you'd like to say “congratulations” in Portuguese, you would say, “parabéns.” But “parabéns” is even more useful, because it's also a common way to say “happy birthday,” “good job,” “well done,” and “it's great.” Essentially, anything you want to seem excited about may very well deserve a “parabéns.”

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What do Brazilians say on birthdays?

Feliz Aniversário! – Also Means Happy Birthday in Brazilian Portuguese.

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What is the meaning of Feliz Anniversario?

feliz aniversário/Natal! happy birthday/Christmas!

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How do you say happy birthday in Portuguese casual?

In general, the most common way to say Happy birthday in Portuguese is to use the word: Parabéns [puh-ruh-beh-ins]

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How do you say Happy Birthday and best wishes in Portuguese?

- Feliz aniversário!

(Happy Birthday! I wish you a lot of happiness and long life!)

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What does ahoy mean in Portuguese?

{interjection} volume_up. terra {interj.}

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How do you say thank you in Brazil?

“Thank You” in Portuguese: Obrigado/Obrigada

The simplest way to say “thank you” in Portuguese is obrigado. You must change the ending to match your own gender; men say obrigado and women say obrigada.

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How do you say I love you in Brazil?

To say “I love you” in Brazilian Portuguese, say eu te amo. Or better yet, drop the eu, as it's optional: te amo.

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How do you say happy in Portugal?

You could also say:

eu estou feliz.

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What does falice navi da mean?

1. ( greeting) Merry Christmas. ¡Feliz Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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How do you respond to Feliz Navidad?

If someone greets you with Merry Christmas or happy Christmas, the best way to respond is Feliz Navidad a ti también (Merry Christmas to you too).

How to say happy birthday in portuguese? (2024)

What does je t aime mean?

Je t'aime (a French phrase meaning "I love you") may refer to: Je t'aime, je t'aime, je t'aime, a 1974 album by Johnny Hallyday.

What is a fancy way to say Happy Birthday?

“Hope all your birthday wishes come true!” “It's your special day — get out there and celebrate!” “Wishing you the biggest slice of happy today.” “I hope your celebration gives you many happy memories!”

How do you say sorry in Portuguese casual?


The most basic and universal way to say sorry in Portuguese. If you're not sure what to use, then desculpa or desculpe is acceptable in most situations. Just like with the English word “sorry,” though, it may not be sufficient in more serious situations.

How do you say thank you my friend in Portuguese to a girl?

If you are a man, say muito obrigado. If you are a woman, say muito obrigada. You can add the words por or pelo/pela if you want to specify the reason for your gratitude.

What are three ways to say Happy Birthday?

How to Say Happy Birthday 50 Different Ways
  • You sustained one more year. Congrats!
  • I wish you a happier birthday than anyone else has wished you.
  • Didn't we just celebrate this like a year ago?
  • Happy birthday, champ.
  • Don't count the candles, enjoy your day.
  • Happy you day.
  • Age is just a number.
  • I'm glad you were born.
Jan 23, 2023

How do you say cheers for birthday?

Birthday Quotes, Happy Birthday Wishes, and Birthday Sayings

Wishing you a birthday as amazing as you are! Cheers to another trip around the sun – happy birthday! Hoping your birthday is extra sweet. Sending you happy, dancing, confetti-popping, cake-filled birthday wishes!

What is Portuguese for pretty girl?

pretty girl {adjective}

lindinha {adj. f} [fam.]

What does Elmo mean in Portuguese?

noun. [ masculine ] /'elmo/ (copricapo) helmet. elmo da guerriero warrior's helmet.

What does Coco mean in Portuguese slang?

The name "Coco" (Portuguese for "coconut") is a common Northeastern Brazilian slang for head, referring to the fact that song lyrics are often improvised.

Can I say gracias in Portugal?

Similarly, if you identify as female, you say “thank you” by using the word obrigada. And, like above, in informal speech this can be said as brigada by dropping the 'a'. Do Portuguese speakers say gracias? No—typically, this is used more by Spanish speakers.

Do Brazilians say obrigado?

The most common way of saying thank you in Brazilian Portuguese, in both both formal and informal situations is: Obrigado! if you're a man, regardless of the gender of the person you're talking to.

Should I say obrigado or obrigada?

But when should we say “obrigada” or “obrigado”? It's very simple. Women should always say “obrigada” (thank you), and men should always say “obrigado” (thank you).

What do Brazilians call their girlfriends?

Apart from “love”—the most commonly used, other pet names for a lover could be: amoreco (“beloved”), môre (“special”), fofo (“fluff”), fofinho (“cuddles”), minha vida (“my life”), meu bebê (“baby”), paixão (“passion”), coração (“heart”), xuxuzinho (“sweet pumpkin”), flor de maracujá (“passion flower”)…

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